Why You Should #Give10forEd This Year

Did you know $10 can fund transportation for one week for a college scholar in the Philippines? If you don’t know how this is possible, it is time to read on and find out!

We’ve been challenging people to #Give10forEd, and we want to be as detailed as possible about what this challenge really means to college students in the Philippines. So, we are about to lay out all the details for you; here’s to understanding why you should take the challenge and #Give10forEd!

Young Filipina girl standing in front of bookshelvesFor more than a decade, we’ve partnered with Volunteer for the Visayans to help support projects and programs in the Philippines. VFV conducts tons of awe-inspiring projects and programs, ranging from community development to child sponsorship to volunteer placements, but for now, let’s focus on their scholarship program for college students, which provides low-income students with the financial means to pursue higher education. And we don’t just mean paying for their tuition.

VFV’s scholarship program gives students the chance to fully participate in their degree programs, from group projects to special events and field trips to on-the-job training, and even extracurricular activities.

Having the financial means to take advantage of every aspect of a higher education is liberating for young college students, to say the least.

When students choose to pursue a college degree, they enter a crucial period of personal and professional growth. Not having to worry about the financial needs of their degree program gives young students the chance to benefit from every part of their academic institution, opening up numerous personal, professional, and educational possibilities.

Filipino kids reaching a book

As elementary students, the teens supported by VFV’s scholarship program were part of the child sponsorship program, benefiting from on-the-ground support, mentorship, and unique learning opportunities throughout their academic career. This leaves children inspired to reach their educational goals and attend college. However, for most of their families, the cost of a college education lies entirely outside of their economic means.

This is where the GoAbroad Foundation (and you!) comes in.

We support VFV’s College Scholars in multiple different ways, giving our supporters the opportunity to help in their very own way. Let’s break it down to give you a better idea of how your financial support can allow college students in the Philippines to complete their degree programs:

  • $10 = one week of transportation for a college scholar
  • $40 = transportation for a college scholar for an entire month
  • $125 = one month of transportation for 6 college scholars
  • $250 = one semester of tuition fees for a college scholar
  • $500= one year of tuition for a college scholar

Young Filipino boys holding books

As you can see, any amount of support can help students on their path toward achieving higher education. YOU can be the reason why college students in the Philippines are able to attend university and build a better future for their families. You can start a ripple effect and take your support beyond a one-time donation (a social share never hurt anyone!).

There is no better time to contribute to our challenge than now. There are college scholars waiting for your help so they can take the leap and pursue a college degree this year!

Go for it –> #Give10forEd this year.

This blog post was contributed by Kerianne Baylor:

Headshot Kerianne BaylorKerianne is a curious world wanderer and a lover of languages, journaling, and random dancing. Studying abroad in Spain for a year wasn’t enough, so she set her sights on South America. After teaching English on the Colombian coast, she headed to an equally-as-hot coastal city in Brazil to do the same. You’ll find her checking out ice cream spots, visiting yet another Brazilian beach, and snapping tons of pics along the way.