What is the Impact of Child Sponsorship?

You are sipping that morning cup of joe while scrolling through your newsfeed in a cozy cafe. The media is reminding you of the flaws of the world and you feel helpless. Is there anything that you can do to make a positive impact without the commitment of going overseas? News flash, there is!

A Cause That Always Needs More Supporters

elementary students in the Philippines

For the price of about six lattes a month, you could help a child have access to education, supplemental nutrition, medical checkups, and ongoing welfare support in a developing country. Sponsoring a child abroad could connect you with a new pen pal, friend, and give you the satisfaction that comes from contributing to a good cause.

Various organizations around the world have created child sponsorship programs that connect donors with a community, family, or child in need, giving them the chance to obtain resources they need to survive and prosper. However, even with so many organizations out there, it is hard to know which ones can be trusted. Leaving you asking, where exactly is my donation going?

Before we get to the finances of our very own trusted partner’s child sponsorship program, lets get you up to speed a bit more.

The Basics of Child Sponsorship Programs

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Where do the children come from?

There are over nine million kids sponsored world wide. Sponsored children typically come from developing countries that lack basic resources that people from developed countries often take for granted. The children may come from single family homes or homes with parents that struggle to find sustainable work to provide for their families. Through nonprofit organization’s sponsorship programs, children can have their education funded through high school, and sometimes beyond. Families who apply to have their children sponsored are accepted based on real need.

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Breakdown of Sponsorship Costs

To sponsor a child you will commit to a monthly donation that averages between $25-$40 per month. Although you are not legally contracted to donate for their entire education, take into account that a long term commitment is much more beneficial and greatly appreciated.

In general, 80-90% of your monthly donation will go directly to the child, family, or the program. While some sponsorship programs give the money directly to the sponsored child, whether in cash or in goods and services for their family, other programs pool a portion of sponsorship money from various sponsors to build up the community in which the children live.

Donations that go directly to the child are most often dedicated to enhancing their food supply, education, health care, and social support. If you sponsor through a program that focuses on pooling money for community resources, you’ll likely be contributing to community developing initiatives like disaster relief, access to clean water, community building activities, or the creation of jobs. Both types of programs are viable ways to support the cause of giving children and families a brighter future.

The other 10-20% of your monthly contribution will most often be put toward staffing of the program or funding other programs and activities that help each sponsored child. Keep in mind, organizations need to maintain their staff to continually support the children, so think of it as just another way to support your sponsored child’s growth rather than an administrative cost you are contributing to. This is how sponsorship programs can grow, stay sustainable, and prosper to help even more people in the long run.

What makes sponsorship programs sustainable?

Giving cash directly to a family abroad without a middle man would not be as productive or sustainable as having the support of nonprofit organizations with extensive systems in place. Organizations that coordinate sponsorship programs can screen the needs and resources of each family to ensure they are provided with the things they may be lacking or in most need of. They can also verify the family is truly in need and monitor their needs overtime, giving you security in donating your money.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Committing to Sponsor a Child

  • What is important to you when thinking about sponsoring a child overseas?
  • Is there a specific country where you want to help a child in need?
  • Do you want to sponsor through an organization that has a strong religious basis?
  • Can you commit to helping a child through their entire education?
  • What type of communication do you want to receive?

A Sponsorship Program You Can Trust

Elementary students in the Philippines

Thanks to our trusted partner Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV), we can recommend an incredible sponsorship program for you to get started with! For only $25 a month or $300 per year (check your couch cushions for just 82 cents a day!), you can support a child in the Philippines through VFV, a local non profit, non-governmental organization with over a decade of experience. One of the best things about VFV’s child sponsorship program is that the entire monthly donation goes directly to the child and his or her family.

What does $25 a month provide for each sponsored child?

  • School fees, supplies, and uniform
  • Daily feedings for the child
  • Monthly groceries for the family
  • Consistent social welfare support
  • Parent trainings and seminars
  • Annual medical checkups
  • Unique benefits and activities, such as tutoring, dance lessons, and other recreational activities

A single dollar can go a long way in a developing country, huh?

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Can Child Sponsorship Actually Make a Positive Impact on the World?

Although sponsoring a child abroad may not save the world, it definitely can create a positive impact.

With a minimum of nine million children sponsored world wide, that adds up to $2.7 billion in funds given annually to children in need (at $25 per month). This is an amount that is undeniably impactful. Money aside, children who are sponsored are more likely to get better jobs and have higher self esteem throughout their entire lives. Isn’t that a positive impact you want to be a part of?

The impact you can make with such a simple act of giving can contribute to a huge difference in the lives of children across the world.

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