The Answers to Our Most FAQs About Baale Mane

What is Baale Mane?

Our newest partner, based in Bangalore, India, is an incredible organization dedicated to supporting young girls and women to reach their full potential through educational and psycho-social programs. Visit their website to learn more.

Why is the campus expansion project the next step in helping the girls supported by Baale Mane?

The current home was built over 10 years ago, in 2007. As the girls have grown, the home has become outdated for the girls needs. Back in 2007 when it was built, Baale Mane didn’t have many girls over the age of 16. But, as programmes have developed and they’ve begun to support the girls for longer (until they are over 18), the older girls need more personal space as well as places to study.

In addition, Baale Mane doesn’t currently have specific staff space, a sick room, or adequate kitchen and bathroom facilities for all the girls, so they need to expand these facilities to ensure optimal health and hygiene for the girls.

The campus expansion project solves all of these issues, while enabling Baale Mane to expand as an organisation, providing space for 10 additional girls, improving the living conditions for the girls and staff members, and creating a separate building that they can use to run outreach programmes without disturbing the girls’ daily routine.

What is the timeline of construction?

The plan is to break ground at the beginning of October 2017, following a review of the bill of quantities and detailed architect drawings in August and September. Construction is expected to take between 12 and 18 months. It will be done in phases, to ensure minimum disturbance for the girls.

What can the GoAbroad Foundation’s goal of $2000 USD cover for the project?

These target funds will go towards the equipment for Baale Mane’s new kitchen, which will ensure the home’s cooks have the adequate tools they need to continue to provide three healthy, wholesome, and nutritious meals for the girls. Baale believes that a healthy and wholesome diet is an extremely important part of providing care for the girls,

“so that they grow up to be strong young women able to deal with the stress of adult life. The physical change in our girls during their first year at Baale Mane is quite dramatic – the majority of our girls come to us malnourished, and so ensuring a healthy and wholesome diet at an early age feeds their mind and body, helping them to have a brighter future!” – Tiggy Allen, Baale Mane

Learn more about the Baale girls here.

How many girls are currently served by Baale Mane, and how many staff members are there?

Current Total Number of Girls Served = 53
Current Total Number of Staff Members = 14

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