Help Us Start a New Valentine’s Day Tradition: #SharetheLove

GAF-logo-heartThough Valentine’s Day has become an international day for the expression of love, in its many forms, the true expression of love for another cause has yet to catch on as a tradition of February 14th every year. Maybe this is because the world has yet to understand why it is important to #SharetheLove.

“Love is something you give without expecting something in return”; in this way, love is an expression of generosity. So why should you be generous and #SharetheLove on Valentine’s Day?

To Teach Compassion. “And simply by loving, teaches children to care and have compassion for others.”

To Promote Peace. “Love brings harmony and peace to people.”

IMG_2691To Ground Yourself. “…it pulls us back to the things that really matter and brings us back to the point of living.”

To Bring Strength. “…it’s an anchor that keeps you still amid the storm, a sturdy umbrella that keeps you dry from the harsh wind.”

To Inspire Joy. “Love brings happiness.”

To Share Knowledge. “The biggest love you can give to those whom you cannot hug outright is to impart what you learn, that will help them have a better life.”

To Do What you Love. Parents often tell their children, “We do things because we love you and love doing it for you, not because its an obligation.”

To Satisfy Your Soul. “Loving satisfies our being and our soul.”

Today, we encourage all of you to take the time to #SharetheLove with those who need it most.

Be Generous. #SharetheLove. Leave Your Impact on the World.

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 How does Sharing the Love impact the lives of those you love?

“It has helped our community a lot and expedited the community development from the damage of the typhoon and this love shown by the world to us has affected my life because they gave us a roof to cover our heads from heavy rains now. i was able to give my kids a dwelling which they can be comfortable as we begin to move on.”

“It gives us hope to move on and do better. Just imagine the number of people, from different race and religion who extended their love. They don’t know us but they are willing to stretch their arms to help us stand back up. It inspires us to be better and show them that we appreciate their thoughts.”

Note: All quotes are statements collected from interviews with women in the Philippines.