Update from Maya Universe Academy

MayalogoMore than four months have passed since a devastating set of earthquakes and tremors rumbled through Nepal. While media coverage has shifted to other news stories around the world, Nepal is still in great need of international support.

After initiating disaster fundraising just days after the first earthquake, the GoAbroad Foundation selected Maya Universe Academy as the primary beneficary of our Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. Since the earthquakes, Maya has focused their relief efforts on two specific projects, one of which is a newly created scholarship program:

At this time of national crisis, Maya Universe Academy would like to provide full scholarships for students to live and study in one our schools, or that of partnering organizations. We have selected a number of students whose education has been jeopardized by the mega earthquake of April 2015.

The criteria for the scholarship application are as follows:
1) Lost one or both parents in the earth quake
2) Lost his or her house and school
3) Have not been helped by the government, national or international organizations

Along with the new scholarship program that will help more than 20 youth continue their education despite the complicated aftermath of the earthquakes last spring, Maya will also rebuild what was once a hostel building and home to many girls.


When we touched base with Maya over the summer, they provided us with the following update and message for our supporters:

We have received funds up to $8000 and are still carrying out our fund raising efforts. This will go a long way towards supporting our earthquake response projects. These include building child-friendly spaces, preventing child trafficking through awareness-raising workshops, and building temporary learning centers where schools have been destroyed. We really appreciate your support in donating towards these projects!

Maya Universe

To learn more about how you can become a volunteer with Maya Universe Academy in Nepal, click here.

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