The Real Uganda: Volunteer Programs for 2023

Leslie Weighill, the director of The Real Uganda, has put together an informational post about some of the amazing volunteer opportunities that The Real Uganda offers. 

June, July, and August 2023 are looking great for The Real Uganda and its partner organizations. These are our busiest months for volunteers, and we are expecting a number of new arrivals. As our partners are still requesting volunteers to work in a number of roles, today we’re sharing what’s been going on these past few months. Let’s inspire some travel! 

Learn about The Real Uganda’s ethical locally-led volunteering program

1.     Get Involved in Public Health Initiatives in Uganda

Our Public Health Improvement program has volunteers building energy-efficient clay stoves. Not only do these stoves reduce the firewood needed to prepare daily meals by 90%, they also funnel the smoke out of the kitchen, saving the chef’s lungs.

See how the stoves are made in our viral Tiktok video.

This is fun (and super dirty) work that gets volunteers working alongside motivated Ugandans, working to improve their lives every day.

Another community-based partner is improving household hygiene by constructing plate stands in local homes. Here they are learning how to construct plate stands from local materials.

Plate stands allow the sun to dry our dishes and keep them off the ground.

Another partner uses our volunteers in government hospital pharmacies. Volunteers count pills and keep patient records, freeing up medical staff to do more specialized work. More patients are served in less time.

Volunteers learn firsthand how our health workers cope with crumbling, overburdened infrastructure with a positive attitude and tireless spirit.

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2.     Empower Ugandan Women

Our Community Outreach program provides life-changing skills to Ugandans in their home communities. Way back in 2013, we trained a women’s group to make their own menstrual pads. These women not only continued the practice but were inspired to redesign the product to also make diapers. Sales in local markets earned income to pay school fees, renovate homes, and expand businesses. Today, these same women run creative learning centres in their communities.

Our volunteers work alongside these amazing women, making jewelry, handbags, and sandals for sale in local and international markets. You’ll also work together in communal gardens and help out with household chores. Joining in on daily work is an authentic and ethical way to really understand life for rural women in Uganda – and you learn cool new skills!

We’re loving this communal, supportive work environment!

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3.     Volunteer on a Farm in Uganda

Truly learn about the effects of climate change in Uganda. Seasonal drought and rain come with much greater magnitude these days. The different farming groups in our Agriculture and Conservation program are experiencing both success and loss. One group grows green vegetables in lowland swamps to beat the heat of the dry season. Another has focused on hill-top tree planting to take safeguard against too much rain. And yet another lost their entire crop due to heavy winds and hail. They are in the process of re-planting.

Depending on travel dates, volunteers join in on land clearing, planting, weeding, or harvesting. No matter what you end up doing, it’s rewarding to sweat alongside these hard-working folks, advise on nutrition, and see climate change resilience in action!

4.     Teach in a School in Uganda

The summer months of our Village Teaching program are always fun. By that time, we’re mid-way through Uganda’s school year and the pressure is off. Volunteers work with students in their classrooms supplementing local teacher knowledge. You’ll teach, exchange culture, and lead arts, crafts, and sports activities.  We want you to bring encouragement, creativity, and love into our classrooms.

And remember, our kids don’t necessarily know the games from your childhood… so, think back – and inspire!

Follow the leader!

That about rounds out our summer. Have you made your plans yet?

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