Take the Pledge for Access to Healthcare

After looking back over the last month and our previous posts, we are amazed at the work of the August  Take the Pledge beneficiary Association des Femmes Pour la Promotion et le Developpement Endogene’s (AFDPE) to address issues of malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, and education. They are dedicated to their work of improving the lives of local communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

But, before the month is over, we want to highlight one last area of focus: access to healthcare.

The Reality of Healthcare in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

As you can probably imagine, access to healthcare is a challenge for people in rural areas where hospitals and clinics are few and far between, as well as for people who lack the financial means. As a universal human right, no person should lose their right to a healthy life due to lack of access to healthcare because of where they live or their financial situation.

So if accessing healthcare is a universal human right, why are so many people dying due to lack of access?

The DRC is definitely behind in their healthcare system due to many factors including war and inner conflicts. This distress and violence not only causes healthcare to be harder to access, but it also puts more people in need of accessing its services. Not only is access lacking, but quality care is lacking as well. So even when people are able to access healthcare, sometimes there isn’t much that can be done to address their health issues.

Who are the Children Affected by lack of access to healthcare in the DRC?

Note: Image changed to protect identity of A

A is an eleven year old living with his mom and five siblings after being abandoned by his father, who they are unsure is still alive. A’s mother suffers from tuberculosis, a curable and preventable bacteria caused disease. Because of her illness and lack of access to healthcare, she is not able to work and take care of her children.

A and his siblings are therefore forced to beg on the streets in order to get food. A used to go to school but can no longer go due to lack of finances to pay for his education. One of his brothers died because of the lack of access to medical care. This has been very hard on the family as a whole, forcing them to suffer more in their unfavorable living circumstances.

How can you Help Address Access to Healthcare in the DRC?

By Taking the GoAbroad Foundation Pledge this month, you can directly help A and his family. A can access healthcare, education, and food for one full year for only $168. That’s $14 a month to help A access healthcare in the DRC.

If you are interested in sponsoring A directly, email Elsa.Alingasa@GoAbroad.com and mention A for more information.

You can also support A by Taking the Pledge today!