GapLabs Gives Back

On May 25th the GoAbroad team in the Philippines, collectively known as GapLabs, joined together to provide an incredible day of fun for the children from the community near our office. From storytelling, to games, to spaghetti, and of course, school supplies, the kids (and staff) had an amazing day full of fun and laughs. […]

International Day of Happiness: Happy, Happy Day!

Friday March 20th marks International Day of Happiness for 2015, also known as International #HappyDay. Today, we are happy to share with you the 10 things that make us…HAPPY! 1. Bringing Essential Resources To Those in Need 2. Filling the Hungry Bellies of Children At-Risk of Malnutrition 3. Supporting Organizations That Make a Real Difference […]

Our Annual Plea for Educational Support

As the month of March begins, students all over the Philippines are preparing for the close of the school year. For some that means a much awaited break from coursework and endless days of carefree playing with their friends and classmates, for others it means helping with the rice harvest or completing madatory on the […]

Day 30: Unfinished Business

Though 12 months have passed, there are still countless issues that remain unaddressed. There are still multiple Tent Cities throughout the island of Leyte, where families remain living in tents distributed by the UN within a month of Typhoon Haiyan. The tents continue to deteriorate and the families continue to wait for permanent relocation sites to […]

Tacloban City Hall featured thank you banners.

Day 20: Rising from the Storm

Just 6 months before Typhoon Haiyan leveled Tacloban City leaving the city’s more than 200,000 residents homeless and traumatized, Mayor Alfred Romualdez was reelected. There was much debate in the weeks leading up to the election, of whether or not re-election of the current Mayor would benefit the city or if a fresh start was […]

The Reality of Hunger

On September 24th, our Director Elsa Thomasma, visited the Volunteer for the Visayans Community Center in Cangumbang to check on the center, as new updates of the center are currently in progress, she came face to face with Hunger in its most honest form. Please read the excerpt from Elsa’s personal blog about her experience: […]