New Partner: South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association

South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association (SAVWA) is one of our newest Beneficiary Organisations under the Give Together Program and our second partner in South Africa. Founded in 2012, SAVWA has been able to support numerous South African communities through their empowerment work camps and sustainable development projects. How Our Partnership Began South Africa Volunteer […]

Announcing: Our Give Together Partnership Program

A New Way to Inspire Global Giving In line with our 15-year mission of supporting meaningful projects around the world, we’re officially launching the Give Together Partnership Program! The program was conceptualized by our desire to help more for-profit businesses give back to the world. The main goal of the Give Together Program is to […]

Meet Freshwater International & Learn About Their Mission in Malawi

Freshwater Project International was born out of friendship, with the aspiration to bring clean, potable water to every person in Malawi. This organization focuses on improving the health of Malawians by bringing fresh water to their communities while emphasizing the positive impact that good sanitation and hygiene have on standards of living. Read our Q&A […]

Our New Partnership Coordinator: Renee Rinn

Before the GoAbroad Foundation took on a whole new fundraising challenge in 2018, we knew we needed to bring in some extra support for our team to make our Gala events a success. Enter Renee. A childhood friend of our founder Troy, Renee eagerly welcomed our invitation to join our team as an Event Coordinator. […]

The Clean Water Project – Outcomes

There is no doubt that the Clean Water Project will continue to impact the lives of those it serves for many months and years to come. Here are some key outcomes of the Clean Water Project thus far: Around 3,000-4,000 people now have access to stable, clean water About 67 percent of the school’s operating budget […]

International Day of Happiness: Happy, Happy Day!

Friday March 20th marks International Day of Happiness for 2015, also known as International #HappyDay. Today, we are happy to share with you the 10 things that make us…HAPPY! 1. Bringing Essential Resources To Those in Need 2. Filling the Hungry Bellies of Children At-Risk of Malnutrition 3. Supporting Organizations That Make a Real Difference […]