How to Support Urgent Oxygen Production in Nepal

Learn What Kaya Responsible Travel is Doing to Supply More Oxygen in Nepal Kaya Responsible Travel has been working in Nepal for a decade, so they have seen firsthand how the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on communities there. To gain more insight on the work they are doing in Nepal, why oxygen is in […]

It’s a Small World After All

September. The start of a new school year, new ideas, and endless new opportunities. This month we are excited to share our beneficiary of the Take the Pledge initiative,  The Small World organization. The Small World? Our world is huge you’re thinking. But does it really have to be? This non-for-profit charitable organization takes us […]

Update from Maya Universe Academy

More than four months have passed since a devastating set of earthquakes and tremors rumbled through Nepal. While media coverage has shifted to other news stories around the world, Nepal is still in great need of international support. After initiating disaster fundraising just days after the first earthquake, the GoAbroad Foundation selected Maya Universe Academy […]

Support for Nepal Earthquake Survivors

After multiple months Nepal remains in need of assistance from international humanitarian organizations, foreign governments, volunteers, and helping hands and generous hearts from around the world. The two devastating earthquakes that hit within 3 weeks of one another, continue to impact that daily lives of survivors, who are doing everything they can to rebuild their […]