5 Things You Didn’t Know About Rice

It may not be the fanciest food around, but people have been eating rice for over 5,000 years. Ever thrown rice at a wedding but not sure why? Did you know that one seed of rice can produce over 3,000 grains?! Now that’s a superfood worth celebrating. This seemingly simple grain possesses many secrets that […]

What $4 Can Buy in Developing Countries

How Giving Up Your Daily Coffee Can End Hunger Imagine waking up every morning to a grumbling stomach, not able to remember the last time it felt full. Imagine feeling so weak you can’t get up out of bed. Feeding yourself is a constant worry, and feeding your family is an even bigger one. Hunger […]

Hunger: An Underestimated Global Epidemic

Hunger is a global epidemic. We are not referring to being hungry, such as having the desire to eat a snack. Not that grumbling in your stomach when you are waiting for your order at a restaurant to be ready. Not the trigger you feel in your brain when you smell something delicious being prepared […]

Change the World, One Child at a Time

As poverty rates around the world continue to cause numerous social issues for millions of families, now is the time to step up and make a difference. According to the USAID Campaign to End Extreme Poverty, which expresses the organization’s committment to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030, “Since 1990, 700 million people have been able to […]

The Reality of Hunger

On September 24th, our Director Elsa Thomasma, visited the Volunteer for the Visayans Community Center in Cangumbang to check on the center, as new updates of the center are currently in progress, she came face to face with Hunger in its most honest form. Please read the excerpt from Elsa’s personal blog about her experience: […]