I want to Donate to a Charity…Are they Legitimate?

Research shows that donating funds is a wonderful way to support a nonprofit organization and simply makes you feel good so why not donate to every charity there is if you have the passion to help and, well, the means? First, let’s discuss why we donate. Donating to a charitable organization allows us to make […]

What $4 Can Buy in Developing Countries

How Giving Up Your Daily Coffee Can End Hunger Imagine waking up every morning to a grumbling stomach, not able to remember the last time it felt full. Imagine feeling so weak you can’t get up out of bed. Feeding yourself is a constant worry, and feeding your family is an even bigger one. Hunger […]

International Day of Charity: The True Power of Charity

September 5th, 2017 marks the 4th annual International Day of Charity, also referred to as World Charity Day. Established in 2013, the United Nations created this day to honor the death anniversary of one of the most well-known humanitarians and philanthropists in history. The International Day of Charity is a day to honor the selfless character of […]

Supporting Nonprofits Through Music

One of our New Years Resolution’s for 2015 is to bring to light nonprofit organizations that are doing extraordinary things around the world. By showcasing an especially unique organization each month, we hope to further their reach and support their mission for changing the world. For the month of January, we have select Sing Me […]