How to Show Support to Ukraine

We Stand With Ukraine

The events that are currently unfolding in Ukraine and Eastern Europe are extremely sad and difficult to understand. The GoAbroad Foundation feels like many of you, we want to help, in any way that we can. 

Since this tragedy started, thousands of people have fled their homes, leaving behind their belongings, and livelihoods. At this time there is a large need for shelter, food, water, and clothing. We know you want to help. In a time like this, it is unsafe to volunteer on-site in Ukraine. However, there are many organizations that are sending relief and support efforts to those affected by this war. 

The best way to help in this situation is to donate directly to organizations that are actively working on-site in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, accepting and distributing donations to Ukrainians.  

The GoAbroad Foundation’s Founder, Troy Peden, is in Poland right now, volunteering to help and assist Ukrainian refugees. If you would like to support this effort we have created a Facebook Fundraiser to Support Refugee Resettlement. Donations raised through this fundraiser will go to support refugee resettlement and aid. 

If you are looking for more ways to help, below is a list that sourced of several humanitarian organizations that are on the ground, actively giving aid to Ukrainian refugees, civilians that have stayed behind, and organizations helping Ukrainian Forces. 

Ukraine-based charity and humanitarian organizations

  • Nova Ukraine. Nova Ukraine helps fund frontliners who are assisting both Ukrainian refugees and those forced to stay behind.
  • National Bank of Ukraine. The National Bank of Ukraine is accepting direct donations for humanitarian causes linked to the conflict.
  • UKRAINE CRISIS | International Committee of the Red Cross. ICRC is working on providing access to clean water in Ukraine.
  • Animal Save Movement. This organization works to provide funds to shelters in Ukraine that are actively feeding and treating pets left behind and other stray animals caught in the conflict.
  • Doctors Without Borders – Ukraine. Doctors Without Borders are assisting those in Ukraine who need access to medications and healthcare.
  • All-Ukrainian Foundation. Direct assistance to children and orphanages in Ukraine.
  • Voices of Children. Voices of Children work to provide aid to children directly affected by war.
  • Razom. Razom has strategized an emergency response to the conflict in Ukraine and is distributing critical medical supplies, like tourniquets and satellite phones, in both Ukraine and Poland.
  • Caritas. Caritas is working to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in Ukraine and to other socially vulnerable populations.
  • Facebook | Katya’s Fundraiser for Sunflower of Peace. Sunflower of Peace works to put together first aid backpacks for frontliners and doctors in Ukraine.
  • GoFundMe | Keep Ukraine’s Media Going. A fundraiser to help Ukrainian journalists safely relocate their operations.

International humanitarian organizations directly helping Ukrainian refugees and citizens

  • People in Need. A humanitarian organization based in the Czech Republic that’s working to assist Ukrainian refugees.
  • IFRC. IFRC is providing first aid and psychosocial support to Ukrainian refugees, as well as helping support refugee centers and shelters.
  • UNHCR | Donate to families from Ukraine. The UN Refugee Agency is aiding families fleeing Ukraine.
  • Save the Children. Provides educational assistance and psychosocial support to Ukrainian children, as well as clean water and hygiene kits.
  • is trying to reach the goal of providing 4 million Ukrainians with clean water, hygiene kits, and food.
  • International Medical Corps. Providing medical and mental health services to both those inside Ukraine and those who are fleeing the conflict.
  • Global Giving. Providing shelter, food, clean water, healthcare, and economic assistance to people in Ukraine and the surrounding area.
  • IRC. International Rescue Committee is on the ground in Poland to directly help Ukrainian refugees crossing the border.
  • Ukrainian National Women’s League Of America. Collecting donations for both civilians inside Ukraine and military hospitals caring for injured soldiers.
  • UNICEF. UNICEF is providing clean water, education, nutrition, and HIV prevention to children and families caught in the conflict.
  • World Central Kitchen. WCK is on the ground providing fresh cooked meals to both Ukrainian refugees, as well as those who stayed behind.
  • Americares. Americares is working in Krakow, Poland to receive and distribute emergency medical supplies.

More resources for helping during the Russia-Ukraine conflict

The resources below include dozens more organizations that are actively assisting people involved in the conflict and those who are unable to leave Ukraine. Please note that some of the resources below are in other languages; you can use your browser’s translate function to view the page in English or your native language.

Military and Injury Support

  • Save Life. Directly assists soldiers who are returning from war and need resources to readjust to civilian life.
  • Army SOS. Provides funds to the Army of Ukraine where they lack state funding.
  • People’s Project. A crowdfunding website where you can donate to those who have been injured in battle.
  • Phoenix Wings Charitable Foundation. Provides the Ukrainian Army with non-lethal equipment, such as helmets and bulletproof vests.
  • National Bank of Ukraine. The National Bank of Ukraine is accepting direct donations to the Ukrainian Army.

News & Media Resources

  • TVN24—A great resource for finding organizations helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland.
  • NPR—Information vetted by NPR on how to help with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
  • CNN—CNN has partnered with Public Good to collect donations for multiple humanitarian organizations.
  • Polish News—Information on how to volunteer in Warsaw and organizations collecting donations.
  • Kyiv Independent—More information on how to donate and help Ukrainian citizens.
  • Romania-Insider—Information and resources for assisting Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

Hands-on options for volunteering with Ukrainian refugees

There are currently limited options for volunteering on-the-ground in Ukraine. Instead, there are organizations in surrounding countries where you may be able to find more feasible options.

Please be sure to reach out to these organizations directly to get the most up-to-date information on volunteering.

Refugees Welcome. Help Ukrainian refugees in Poland settle into their new homes.