Support for Nepal Earthquake Survivors

After multiple months Nepal remains in need of assistance from international humanitarian organizations, foreign governments, volunteers, and helping hands and generous hearts from around the world. The two devastating earthquakes that hit within 3 weeks of one another, continue to impact that daily lives of survivors, who are doing everything they can to rebuild their lives.

Photo Credit: Asia Development Bank on Flickr
Photo Credit: Asia Development Bank on Flickr

Some children have returned to school, handfuls of families have had the opportunity to construct shelters that will serve as their new homes, and hundreds of organizations and volunteers have flocked to Nepal with relief goods in tow to help local people recover and move forward.

After initiating fundraising efforts after the inital earthquake on April 25th, 2015, the GoAbroad Foundation has continued to communicate with our partners and do everything we can to share their stories and gather funds to support their needs. After two months of fundraising we are happy to announce that we have raised over $600 USD to support our partners.

The GoAbroad Foundation, and the entire GoAbroad Family, has decided to direct the majority of our fundraising to Maya Universe Academy. Our contributions will help them rebuild their Girl’s Hostel and also provide support to student survivors, so they can continue their education. We would also like to recognize Maya Universe Academy as the GoAbroad Foundation’s Nonprofit of the Month for June, for their dedication to rebuilding and supporting development of local communities in Nepal.

Maya Universe

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