Projects in Need
of Support

All the projects below have been developed by our incredible grassroots partners in each destination. All our partners have a dedication to sustainability and the communities they serve, and each project in need will help them take their efforts to the next level.

Bliss Library Project in need

Bliss Library Project

Volunteer for the Visayans | Leyte, Philippines

College Scholarship Fund Project In need

College Scholarship Fund

African Education Program | Zambia, Africa

Rice Subsidy Program Projects in need

Rice Subsidy Program

Volunteer for the Visayans | Leyte, Philippines

Virtual Digital Skills Projects in need

Virtual Digital Skills Training & Child Engagement Project

The Real Uganda | Uganda, Africa

Disability inability projects in need

Disability ≠ Inability: Scholarships for Special Students

African Education Program | Zambia

Grace School Projects in need

Grace School Ongoing Development

The Real Uganda | Uganda

Hamilton Buikwe Kids Care Center Projects in need

Hamilton Buikwe Kids Care Centre Ongoing Needs

The Real Uganda | Uganda