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Sponsoring Partnerships

What is a Sponsoring Partner?

A Sponsoring Partner is any company, organization, or institution that commits to working with the GoAbroad Foundation to establish an annual or recurring giving program that is integrated into their overarching mission and donating to selected Beneficiary Organizations carrying out meaningful projects. After committing to partnering with the GoAbroad Foundation, each Sponsoring Partner will be paired with an approved Beneficiary Organization based on their shared mission or interests, and then work to provide financial support for meaningful projects. Sponsoring Partners will determine their own strategy for generating financial support for the Beneficiary Organization’s selected project.

Types of Sponsoring Partner

Each Sponsoring Partner will be provided with the opportunity to create a customized partnership with the GoAbroad Foundation. However, the Give Together Program most often manifests itself in one of the following ways:


If the Sponsoring Partner selecting the fundraising direction for the Give Together Program, they will be responsible for coming up with a fundraiser(s) to raise financial support for the selected Beneficiary Organization. Each Sponsoring Partner can decide what type of fundraising initiative makes sense with their mission and team, whether that means an in-person event or an online campaign. No matter what fundraiser you choose, the GoAbroad Foundation will provide all the necessary details about the Beneficiary Organization and project selected to ensure attendees and/or donors understand the impact they’ll have.

Corporate Giving

Sponsoring Partners who choose to go the route of Corporate Giving will be able to adjust their Give Together Program to meet the structure of their business. Whether they donate a percentage of annual revenue or establish a monthly charitable contribution program for employees, or come up with any other innovate corporate giving program, the GoAbroad Foundation will make sure the selected Beneficiary Organization is utilizing all financial support for the intended purpose, and we’ll share regular updates about the impact of your corporate gift.

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Sponsoring Partnership Benefits

Why choose to partner with the GoAbroad Foundation? We offer a customized giving experience for each Sponsoring Partner, which will entail all of the following:

  • Hand-picked, vetted Beneficiary Organizations you can trust
  • Branded profile on our website
  • Tax-deductible donations for U.S. donors
  • Co-hosted Facebook Fundraisers (and periodic opportunities for donation matching!)
  • Positive publicity and online promotions for your business

Need More Information?

Click below to review our frequently asked questions or feel free to email foundation@goabroad.com or schedule a call with us to discuss any questions you may have!