College Scholarship Fund

Unfortunately, for many individuals, their dreams of becoming college graduates are swept away by the reality that their family does not have the economic means to support the payment of various college related fees and quite frankly there is not enough local projects to efficiently deal with the number of students facing such circumstances.

As a result, the GoAbroad Foundation Scholarship Fund was created, to provide funding to support the college education of children who have graduated from high school through Volunteer for the Visayans Sponsorship Program.

VFV Scholarship

About Our Scholarship Fund

The importance of intervening and providing sustainable support through education and social welfare services for individuals during early childhood continues to be a mentality that is rightfully supported by numerous non-profits across the world.


Since 2005, the GoAbroad Foundation has helped direct critical funding to support more than two hundred children living in disadvantaged circumstances in the Philippines. For the last seven years, the Foundation has worked diligently with it’s on-the-ground non-profit partner to provide children from low-income families with the means to pursue mainstream education, to undergo skills training and talent enhancement, to have access to available medical care and to provide the children with a wide range of opportunities that they would have otherwise never had access to.

As time passed, these children got older, their enthusiasm for life grew and their dreams of success never once diminished. As children graduate from High School their life sits at a crossroad as they long and dream for the chance to continue their education through going to college.

In almost all cases, the vast majority of moderate and well-paid jobs in the Philippines require at least a college diploma and it is thereby becoming more necessary for Filipino youths to complete the transition from high school to college in order to achieve prosperity for both themselves and their families.

How to Get Involved & Help College Students in the Philippines

  • One Year of University Tuition = $500 USD
  • One Semester of Tuition = $250 USD
  • Transportation for One Month = $40 USD
  • Transportation for One Week = $10 USD