Rice Subsidy Program

by Volunteer for the Visayans

Annual Goal: $2,400

Cangumbang is a small village about 30 minutes south of Tacloban City. The village primarily revolves around rice farming, leaving many of the villagers with downtimes in between planting and harvest times. These downtimes create serious issues for parents in the village and they are often faced with hard choices.

With the cost of education, food, medicine and transportation, the costs of daily living during these downtimes is often so much that families are forced to sacrifice a portion of their daily needs, which often means the children are not able to have 3 meals a day.

Volunteer for the Visayans, our partner in the Philippines, has provided monthly grocery subsidies to all children in their Child Sponsorship program for years. Unfortunately, due to changes in the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and Philippine peso, has left the Sponsorship Program coordinators with no choice but to begin minimizing the monthly rice subsidy.

Sponsored Child in the Philippines

Why Filipino Families Need Rice Subsidies?

In order to help the children receive their monthly rice subsidy, which is essential to helping their parents provide them with filling meals for the entire month, the GoAbroad Foundation is seeking Monthly Rice Sponsors to help support the Volunteer for the Visayans Child Sponsorship Program.

A monthly rice subsidy provides 5 kilos of rice for each child in Cangumbang that is part of the child sponsorship program, which includes 34 of the local children ages 5 to 16 years of age. This means that in order to continue providing the rice subsidy to the children of Cangumbang, Volunteer for the Visayans needs only 4 sacks of rice per month.

How Can You Help?

One Time Sponsorship Options

International sponsors who want to make a one-time donation to the Monthly Rice Subsidy program.

  • 1 Month of Rice Subsidies for all the children costs $200 U.S. Dollars
  • 1 Year of Monthly Rice Subsidies for 1 Child costs $65 U.S. Dollars


Monthly Sponsorship Options

International sponsors can commit to reoccurring monthly contributions to the Monthly Rice Subsidy program.

  • 1 Sack of Rice costs a total of $50 U.S. Dollars (Subsidy of 10 Children)
  • 1 Monthly Rice Subsidy for 1 Child costs a total of $5 U.S. Dollars