VFV Bliss Library

Bliss Library Project

A Project by Volunteer for the Visayans

Bliss is an urban housing project located just outside the downtown area of Tacloban City in the Philippines. Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) has been present in the Bliss community since its inception. Their current main office and original center is located in Bliss, and they operate daily programs in the surrounding community. VFV has been able to do numerous projects and programs over the years in the Bliss community, expanding their reach exponentially. But with that, they’ve begun to outgrow their original center and they’ve found new areas of need in the community.

Right next door to Bliss, in the Mangga neighborhood, VFV purchased land years ago with dreams of building a brand new, larger community center. Due to a number of organizational challenges, including Typhoon Haiyan and now the pandemic, their dreams have been delayed, until now.

VFV wants to construct a multipurpose community center that will serve the community in new ways, one of which is providing a library for the community, in addition to their existing programs that are tried and true.

How Will a Library Impact the Community

Built in phases, the community center will first be established as a library for the community of Bliss. It will be built with a foundation that is ready for up to 3 floors, so VFV can continue expanding the center overtime. Their goal is to house the VFV main office and day care center for the community, in addition to the library and multipurpose community space. And on top of all these goals, the community center will also serve as an evaluation center for the community during inclement weather, which happens multiple times a year in the Philippines.
The impact of the Bliss Library Project is hard to quantify, as it will reap benefits for the community for decades to come. Initially, it will serve the Mangga and Bliss neighborhoods as a resource library, place of learning, and gathering space for community members. Then it will expand to offer formal day care services, house the main VFV operations on a daily basis, welcome international volunteers to provide special programs to the community, and so much more.
This project starts with a library, but will evolve into an incredibly important staple in the community’s future.

Bliss Library Project Goals

Though the ultimate goals of the project require a significant amount of time and money to accomplish, VFV will begin with Phase 1, which will cost approximately $84,127. The first phase will build the first floor and a stable foundation for the organization to literally and figuratively build upon.

As of March 22, 2024 Fund raised and pledges have reached to $72,538.67 for the first phase! VFV still needs $12,162.32.

Donations for the Bliss Library Projected received between Monday March 25, 2024 and June 15, 2024 will be matched by Starfish Foundation up to 350,000 PHP ($6,500 USD)! Which would complete the first phase goal! 

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