Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV)

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Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) was founded in 2004, and is located in Tacloban City, Philippines. The organization is dedicated to establishing sustainable development projects and social welfare programs in and around Tacloban City. All projects are divided into three distinct categories: Community, Child Sponsorship, and Volunteer Programs. From building homes and schools, to providing educational scholarships to low-income university students, to developing supplementary feeding programs for undernourished toddlers, to medical missions, VFV’s volunteers and local staff supply a range of services to the communities they serve.


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Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) Model

All projects are put forth by VFV through three well-established programs:

1. Community Program – Focused on Community Development, Nutrition, Supporting Schools, Construction, and Livelihood projects.

2. Child Sponsorship Program – Focused on Matching Local School Children with International Sponsors who Provide Annual Sponsorship so Children can Receive: medical check ups, monthly groceries, schools fees, supplies, and uniforms, and daily feedings.

3. Volunteer Program – Focused on Placement of International Volunteers at Local Organizations and Schools, Government Agencies, Rural Health Clinics, and VFV’s very own Community Centers.

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VFV Projects We Support

Supplemental Feeding Program

Every weekend we prepare a community feeding for over 100 toddlers, youth, and young adults from low-income families in a rural rice farming village. With every meal with are building community and helping the children grow healthy and strong.

Child Sponsorship

Over our 15 year history we’ve supported over 100 children through VFV’s Child Sponsorship program, from pre-school all the way to high school graduation. Each child is paired with 1-2 international sponsors that support their needs annually.

Monthly Rice Subsidy Program

Each month we provide over 40 families from a rural village made up of mostly farmers with a subsidy of 5-6 kilos of rice to help provide for their families daily needs.

Educational Scholarships

We support more than a dozen college students from low-income families, most of whom are first generation high school graduates and soon-to-be college grads.

Bliss Library Project

This project starts with a library, but will evolve into an incredibly important staple in the community’s future.