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women learning digital skills in Uganda

Virtual Digital Skills Training & Child Engagement Project


On the 20th day of March 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 73,000 learning institutions in Uganda were closed to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus. This left 15 million learners out of school, and now housebound with hardly any access to educational materials and social engagement.

Although some students have received textbooks and others are acquiring knowledge on national television, there is no interaction between student and teacher, which is one of the most essential components of effective learning. Ugandan students now only have access to academic content, so they lack a number of important skills, values, and activities which they used to get from school lessons.

Due to this crisis, the Maendeleo Foundation has seen a pressing need to provide virtual digital skills in Uganda, including training opportunities for teachers and programs for students to minimize the rising social impacts of this pandemic on the wellness and development of the children. The Real Uganda has joined forces with the Maendeleo Foundation to help offset the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda through this unique program.


Program Activities for Teachers, Students, & Parents

The Maendeleo Foundation plans to conduct a month-long training program for school teachers on digital skills. Their goal is to train 10 Ugandan teachers per month.

The children will participate in virtual classes of coding, design, and storytelling, with a target of 20 students per class. Their classes will last for one month, and students will have an information session every month to discuss topics such as hygiene, speaking, keeping active, and many other relevant topics to the current situation.

Parents will also join information sessions to compliment their children’s learning.

Virtual Digital Skills Training Goals & Results

Upon receiving funding, The Real Uganda aims to have 100 students participate in the Maendeleo Foundation’s virtual skills training program, to increase digital, creativity and collaborative skills. The Real Uganda will also help 50 teachers to join the program and increase their digital skills and confidence in teaching via a virtual classroom. Lastly, The Real Uganda hopes to help 100 parents join the program so they will learn more about the significant role they play in their children’s learning, and how they can moderate their use of learning technology.

The digital skills project’s major challenges included its’ target students simply don’t have access to the digital tools needed to successfully continue and expand the program.