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Mobile Solar Computer Classroom Project

A Project of The Real Uganda




The Mobile Solar Computer Classroom (MSCC) supplements Uganda’s education system by training students, teachers, and the general public to use something they’ve have never seen before: a computer that connects them to the outside world. Through computers, students can participate in a new world of learning that gives them power as individuals and keeps them motivated to stay in school. 

Using a modified all-terrain vehicle carrying solar panels with batteries, 30 laptops, and an internet router, the MSCC delivers ICT training that builds basic literacy, numeracy, research, and communication skills in remote locations throughout Uganda.

Since 2008, the MSCC has trained over 38,000 students, 300 teachers, and 2,000 out of school youth in 85 schools and 25 libraries! Most of these students touched their very first computer through the MSCC. Further, 70% of the schools they’ve worked with have registered an improvement in academic performance on national level and have seen increased enrollment. So, it seems parents value this rare educational opportunity as well.

Empower Low Income Communities with Technology

While Uganda strives toward middle-income status, its education system lags woefully behind. With a tradition of rote learning and high dropout rates, our youth currently cannot fulfill Uganda’s employment needs. They simply lack the technical skills needed in our rapidly modernizing economy.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be used to boost Uganda’s education system to deliver more interactive and practical learning to our hard-working students. But, major issues exist with introducing ICT into Ugandan classrooms, such as a general lack of infrastructure (i.e. computers, internet access, and electricity), large class sizes, a shortage of qualified teachers, locally-created content, and limited financial resources.

A small, locally-led, non-profit organization, Maendeleo Foundation, is successfully addressing these challenges and bringing hands-on computer skills training to thousands of Ugandans every year. And thanks to The Real Uganda's partnership with Maendeleo Foundation, you can be part of the progress.

The Mobile Solar Classroom Project Goal

The MSCC is energy efficient, easy to use, and provides relevant technical skills to Ugandans in need, so The Real Uganda is dedicated to bringing it to another 10,000 students by 2024. 

It costs $8760 USD to deliver the program to another school and train 300 new students. This is just $29.20 per student, over a 2 year period! This includes all staff costs, transportation, training materials, and hardware and software upgrades. 

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