Hamilton Buikwe Kids Care
Hamilton Buikwe Kids Care Centre Ongoing Needs

Hamilton Buikwe Kids Care Centre Ongoing Needs

Project by The Real Uganda



Hamilton Buikwe Kids Care Center was founded in 2009 by Paul Mulamira. It is located near Buikwe Trading Center, Buikwe. This high-spirited little school attracts kids under the age of 11, coming from the homes of hard-working subsistence farmers. School fees are kept low in order to provide a solid educational foundation for the children of cash-strapped families in the area.

Hot Meal Program

With funds gathered from former volunteers and the GoAbroad Foundation, The Real Uganda delivers a much-needed feeding program at this school. The kids get a warm cup of porridge on arrival and a hot lunch of posho and beans before heading home for the day. In the words of Paul, “providing education isn’t enough – you can’t learn on an empty stomach”.

Because of this program, just under 100 children get the daily energy needed to learn. And parents know their young children are in good hands while they themselves are in the garden.

The annual budget for this feeding program: $2,700

Addressing School Hygiene

Hamilton School was visited by Uganda Ministry of Education officials in early 2022. They were told the school pit latrine is below Ministry standards. It is old, degraded, under-sized, and cannot accommodate the separation of the boys from the girls.

Former volunteers funded the sanitization and emptying of the current pit latrine in August 2022. It is safe to use, although still small and crumbling.

The Real Uganda’s priority goal for 2024 is to build a new pit latrine for Hamilton Buikwe Kids Care Center. It will have 2 stalls for each of the boys and girls, properly locking doors, and a strong roof.

Budget for this build: $3,500

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