Living Music Foundation (LMF)


The Living Music Foundation (LMF) recognized that there was a lack of access to music lessons, equipment, and trainers, despite the talent and drive of local communities in Uganda to learn music. LMF hopes to foster the development of musical talent in local communities by providing lessons taught by professional trainers and the space and equipment required for effective music lessons. However, LMF isn’t all about learning music, their mission extends to the impact music can have on individuals and communities as a whole.LMF focused on providing lessons and trainings for youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn music and who lack access to training and equipment.

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LMF’s Mission

Living Music Foundation (LMF) was established as a community based organization to provide music lessons and trainings to the people of Mbarara, Uganda and the surrounding towns and villages. Driven by their passion and love for music, the Living Music Foundation team is made up of musicians dedicated to changing lives through music.

Our Partnership History

The GoAbroad Foundation partnered with the Living Music Foundation in early 2018 through’s new Affinity Mentorship Program to help develop their new music volunteer program, after meeting the founding members during our East Africa trip in October 2017. To date, the GoAbroad Foundation has provided essential financial support and logistical knowledge to help Living Music Foundation establish themselves as a legitimate community organization, expand the scope of their lessons, and purchase necessary musical instruments and materials.

In November 2018, the GoAbroad Foundation fundraised to support Living Music Foundation’s next phase of organizational development, which was to purchase a vehicle to transport volunteers and, more importantly, musical instruments to numerous communities. In 2019, we focused on raising funds for their youth music lessons, while also supporting their community trainings and overall program development by providing them with a marketing intern from the UK.

As Living Music Foundation continues to evolve, the GoAbroad Foundation will expand our support to their community programs.

Living Music Foundation
LMF founder Disan Kato
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COVID-19 Update

Living Music Foundation Continues to Monitor the Situation

In March 2020, Uganda was closed down by the government to control the spread of coronavirus. At that time, all music and entertainment activities were closed, and have not been even partially opened ever since, making it nearly impossible for LMF to continue their programs.

As of June 28th, 2021, Uganda is under yet another 6-week lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus. LMF’s programs are therefore still on hold.

Living Music Foundation Projects We Support

Music Lessons for Disadvantaged Youth

The Living Music Foundation provides free music lessons to such vulnerable young people who lack resources and access to instruments, with the aim to spread the joy of music and foster musical talents. Often the youth we target could not continue with formal education or live in orphanages, giving them an unparalleled opportunity to grow and develop.



Meet Disan Kato Tusiime: Director

Learn all about Disan’s vision for the organization, what their goals amid the pandemic, and how they’re impacting communities through music lessons and performances.