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Food Distribution Program

Cameroon is a Central African Nation located alongside the banks of the Gulf of Guinea. Heavily influenced by French colonialism, the country has been experiencing unrest in its Anglophone regions since 2016. The conflict began with a peaceful push to change the government's Francophile policies, but persists due to the government's violent response to its citizens.

The crisis has thus far claimed the lives of at least 1,850 people and uprooted more than half a million people from their homes. It has also created food insecurity in the region, which is now a major priority for humanitarian relief. Additionally, the sluggish state of the economy further compounds the problem of food security, with businesses crumbling in the face of a dwindling population. This contributes to increasing poverty rates, making it challenging for victims to afford buying food.

Refugee Association Cameroon (REWAC) aims to improve food distribution among more than 600,000 vulnerable migrants. Through their Food Distribution Program, they plan to distribute emergency food and non-food items to these populations, to enable them to withstand the immediate physical challenges of their new environment.

Improve the Standard of Living for Vulnerable Immigrants

The conflict in Cameroon's Anglophone Regions has made it increasingly difficult to distribute food to migrants and refugees, both from the ongoing conflicts within Cameroon, as well as from other conflicts in the region. Through their Food Distribution Program, Refugee Association Cameroon hopes to help 100 IDPs (internally displaced persons), including children, women, elderly persons, and those who have disabilities.

Refugee Association Cameroon's initial goal is to implement two food distribution exercises in 2020, one every 6 months. By donating to their program, you will be helping some of the most vulnerable populations in the world regain a sense of normalcy, and improve their standard of living in a place where the next meal is never guaranteed.

The Food Distribution Program Goal

REWAC is asking for $6000 in order to secure the resources necessary to feed 100 people. These funds will go towards a community forum among IDPs, conducting needs assessments, selecting beneficiaries, and purchasing, transporting, and distributing food and non-food items.

Achieving their goal of $6000 will mean that Refugee Association Cameroon will be able to implement two food distribution exercises over the course of a year.