Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon

Beneficiary Organization Partner

Founded in 2009, Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon provides humanitarian assistance to refugees fleeing neighboring countries in hopes of passing through Cameroon to their final destination or immigrating to Cameroon permanently. In the past decade they have helped to raise innovative awareness on the rights and plight of the over 400,000 refugees in Cameroon by helping to generate both national and international attention for the issues they face. Fueled their desire to resolve the refugee crisis in Cameroon, the Refugee Welfare Association team is passionate and driven to support refugees and evoke long-term change.

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Refugee Welfare Association's Mission

The Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon is dedicated to supporting refugees and immigrants in Cameroon who need legal assistance, livelihood opportunities, or social welfare support.

Our Partnership History

The GoAbroad Foundation began partnering with Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon in September 2019, after being introduced to their programs and mission through the Give Together Program outreach program.

We announced our first GoAbroad Foundation supported project in March 2020.

Refugees in Cameroon
Refugees in Cameroon

REWAC Projects We Support

Food Distribution Program

Refugee Association Cameroon (REWAC) aims to improve food distribution among more than 600,000 vulnerable migrants. Through their Food Distribution Program, they plan to distribute emergency food and non-food items to these populations, to enable them to withstand the immediate physical challenges of their new environment.



Partnership Launch Announcement

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Meet Mukete Tahle Itoe: Co-Founder

Check out his interview to learn more about the Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon, the impact their work is having on their community