Clean Water Project

The water project at St. James School, located in Uganda, was aimed at providing access to clean water in a community where the access is scarce.

In 2013, Pangea Educational Development (PED) established a shallow well to draw fresh water for the school and community to use as needed. However, PED needed to expand the reach of the water project at St. James by making it accessible for more community members, while at the same time generating an income for the school to continue to sustain improvements in the education they provide to local students.

St. James School

St. James Primary and Nursing School is located in Katale, Uganda, serving children ranging in age from 3 to 12 years of age. Founded in 2008, the school’s mission is to provide a quality education for children who otherwise would not be able to afford one. As of 2014, there were 183 students attending St. James. The students and administrators at St. James, despite the challenges they have faced, have managed to achieve top rankings in national exams in recent years.

The Solution

As St. James School’s success story continues, PED has transitioned the school to become self-sustaining, first by implementing a Clean Water Project, with the help of the GoAbroad Foundation. All the while, PED has continued to increase both enrollment and quality of education provided to students at St. James.

In 2014, the GoAbroad Foundation committed to raising funds to support the Clean Water Project. Once the funds were raised, PED purchased and installed another water pump. To complete the project, local engineers, school staff, and community members, and PED volunteers, worked side by side to complete the laborious task of setting the lines and installing the pump to deliver more clean water to the community.

St James Clean Water Project

This project has ended.