History of Pangea Educational Development

A Timeline of PED’s History

May 2011

· PED became a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, registered in the United States and recognized by the IRS.

June 2011IMG_9454

· PED began initial partnership with two schools in Uganda, St. James Primary and Tooro High School, utilizing the PED Three-Phase program with the vision of helping each school become financially self sustainable by building income generating projects.

· First group of PED volunteers set off for Uganda.

August 2011

· DePaul University and Michigan State University become the first charter schools in the PED Uganda program. By 2014, four schools participate in this program.

January 2012

· PED partners with two additional schools in Uganda, Awach Secondary School and Gulu Remand Home, again sticking to the PED Three-Phase program.

IMG_0829June – July 2012

· A total of 45 international volunteers travel to Uganda and work at all four local partner schools. The volunteers work on building various PED projects, including an Internet Cafè, Sewing Machine Room, and Track and Soccer field.

August 2013

· Two established PED Projects, the Internet Cafè and Chicken Coup, generate 40% of Tooro High Schools annual income to date.

October 2013

· PED acquires and establishing a U.S. office in Chicago, Illinois.

January 2014IMG_1432

· PED hosts its 1st annual Gala in the United States.

· PED sent their first two full time staff members to work in Uganda.

August 2014

· Tooro High School became the first PED Partner school compl​​ete the second phase of PED’s Three Phase program.

· PED income generating projects officially made up just under 60% of the school’s annual income.

· Tooro High hosted 1st Annual PED Uganda Partner Conference, which allowed the schools to collaborate and learn best practices by conversing with one another for the first time.

September 2014

· PED began partnership with the GoAbroad Foundation

March 2015

· Water Project at St. James Primary School made possible by the GoAbroad Foundation was completed


· The GoAbroad Foundation raised funds for Library Project at St. James Primary School

· Founder, Troy Peden, and Director, Elsa Thomasma-Alingasa, visited St. James Primary School in Uganda