Mathare Brilliant Academy

Mathare Brilliant Academy

Mathare Brilliant Academy is a low-income school located in Nairobi, Kenya, in one of the largest slums in the world, Mathare. The school was founded by a generous community member, serving students coming from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds and giving youth access to education that would otherwise be unattainable.

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Though students are required to pay fees to attend, the school typically allows families to pay gradually overtime, and ends up waving fees for exceptionally needy families. Most of the teachers are local community members, mothers themselves, who were inspired to work for the school to support the grow of their community and the future of their children. Many of them lack technical training, receiving only a minimal salary for their work, and instead use their own passion for teaching to guide their lessons. The school sits on a small plot of land amidst the thousands of homes that fill the Mathare slum, but it serves as a big inspiration for many students and families.

Projects We Support

In October 2017, the GoAbroad Foundation founder and director visited Mathare Brilliant Academy for the first time. They were struck by the dedication of the teachers and school principal, despite the limited resources and daily challenges they face.

In the Spring of 2018, the GoAbroad Foundation extended their support to improve the physical structure and appearance of the school, helping to improve the learning environment for both teachers and students. The walls were painted, the ground floor was cemented, and many other structural improvements were made. The results were inspiring for the community, the teachers, and the students.

The next step to helping Mathare Brilliant Academy is providing the students and teachers with more learning resources. What’s a classroom without textbooks? How can students learn without proper materials? Our Learning Resources project will provide the following items for Mathare Brilliant Academy:

  • 300 Textbooks
  • 30 Geometrical Sets
  • 50 Pieces of Chalk
  • Sports Equipment & Musical Instruments

Read more about these projects we are raising funds for and donate today!


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