Beneficiary Organization Partner

Entreamigos' history dates back in 2006, when the founder, Nicole, began teaching arts and crafts outside a small storefront in San Pancho, Mexico. As her on the spot lessons turned into workshops and events, the organization grew immensely. By 2009, Entreamigos moved into their very own space and where they are still housed today.

Entreamigos aims to provide the children and families in San Pancho with the skills needed to contribute to their communities in a positive way. The pillars of Entreamigos are education, environmental awareness, creativity, and community. Their projects and programs that exude these values include: Library Project, Scholarship Programs, Eco-Design Center, Recycling, Play Areas, Tutoring, Town Maintenance, ReciclaShop, and numerous Community Outreach programs.

Entreamigos' Mission

Entreamigos' mission is to serve as a bridge between cultures and develop a community that offers educational opportunities for children and families in San Pancho, Mexico. They work to empower intellectual, creative, and reflective capacities while also developing local environmental and cultural consciousness.

Our Partnership History

The GoAbroad Foundation began partnering with Entreamigos in October 2019, after being introduced to their programs and mission through the Give Together Program outreach program.

Our first project fundraiser for Entreamigos in December 2019. Our partnership concluded at the end of 2020.

Entreamigos arts and crafts lesson
Nicole teaching arts and crafts
Kids sliding down a slide in Mexico