child kissing an animal's head
child petting a squirrel

Wildlife Conservation Fund

Nature is not always as nice as we think. There are animals whose mothers are killed by predators, there are birds who fly into power lines, there are animals who get hit by cars, there are just animals who are born too weak to survive and even get abandoned by their mother.

To protect vulnerable wildlife, DAKTARI not only gives animals a second chance in life by welcoming any injured animals that need help and care, they also teach local South African children to care about wildlife and protect them. When possible, they release animals back into the wild once they are rehabilitated. And when it is impossible, their team of employees, volunteers, and children work tirelessly to make their lives as fantastic and interesting as possible.

To make their work possible, DAKTARI needs additional support for their conservation fund, so more wildlife can be protected and rehabilitated in South Africa.

Why Does Wildlife in South Africa Need Your Help?

Even if a black eagle can not fly anymore, through the protection of DAKTARI he can enjoy looking over the whole camp and waiting to see who will bring him food. DAKTARI's two cheetahs sit patiently at their gate for the next piece of meat to come through a pulley system, and they still have fun catching it. The ostriches at DAKTARI enjoy doing their love dance to anybody passing by, and the blind donkey loves listening to songs and stories whispered in his ears. DAKTARI's resident mongoose love jumping up and down waiting for a new arrival, so they can form a family and be released into the wild together. The rock hyrax wait every night for their hot water bottle during cold months of winter, while the meerkats beg anyone passing by their enclosure to stop for a while to make sure they are cuddled and massaged.

The caracals, the owls, the rock monitor, the thick-tailed bushbaby, the genet, the porcupine, no matter what wildlife DAKTARI is caring for at any given moment, they all need financial support to be happy and healthy, and survive and thrive.

Wildlife Conservation Fund Goals

The Wildlife Conservation Fund will help DAKTARI to buy food for their animals, cover petrol for their transport when necessary, and repair and decorate their enclosure in an as natural way as possible. Additional funding will also help DAKTARI to purchase equipment to enrich the animals' lives.