all out africa

Youth Professional Development Project

Eswatini has the 3rd highest youth unemployment on the planet (1 in 2 youth are without work), and the economic crisis resulting from COVID has worsened this situation. Unemployment and financial crises facing families even resulted in riots erupting in Eswatini in July 2021. Considering these challenges, entrepreneurship and quick employment are some of the only hopes for families in this desperate situation.

The All Out Africa Foundation helps youth to start enterprises and get internships so they can gain valuable work experience. Through this project, they hope to facilitate entrepreneurship, provide micro-loans, and enable business mentoring in order to match youth with internships. Placements in internships will span many different industries, including tourism, construction, agriculture, conservation, and many more, to provide an internship opportunity for 1,000 total youth.

How Internships Will Help Youth in Eswatini

All Out Africa encourages a culture of entrepreneurship and learning by doing in the communities they work, which helps to directly reduce youth unemployment and create more jobs. This project will provide not only opportunities for youth in Eswatini, but also much needed hope, which will reduce conflict and protest. It will create a culture of seeking opportunities for enterprise as a means to significantly reduce poverty. And this culture will in turn create greater prosperity and more enterprise opportunities in struggling communities.

Project Goals

This project aims to support 1,000 youth in Eswatini to start businesses or complete internships.

The All Out Africa Foundation will place selected emaSwati youth, specifically targeting those who have completed high school or university, in quality internships, many of which will lead to long-term jobs.

All donations will help All Out Africa facilitate entrepreneurship, provide micro-loans, and enable business mentoring through internships.