Our New Year’s Challenge


The New Year is off to a very busy start for people around the world. Resolutions are being made, goals are being set, and plans are being set into motion to make this year the year to make things happen. Well, the GoAbroad Foundation team feels the exact same way.

2016 is our year to support people in the ways they need it most.

But, more importantly, this is our year to challenge people to make giving not only a new year’s resolutions, but a way of life. That’s right, we are talking to you!

Challenging yourself to give back this year can create more ripple effects in your own life, and the lives of hundreds of other people, then any weight loss challenge or commitment to spend less time on social media ever could. Giving has the power to literally change lives, which is why this year, we challenge each of you to not just give blindly because you feel socially pressured to do so, but to take things one step further by inspiring a trend of giving. We aren’t asking you to become the next Mother Teresa or give up your life’s savings; giving is so much more than an act or a monetary sum.

By making giving a part of your lifestyle this year, you will come to know the infinite benefits that can trickle down from one single gift, in any form. You will find the beauty, the power, and the pure joy that has been hiding behind giving, and create a lifestyle that is more fulfilling and more meaningful to live each and every day.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill


How can you begin to add giving into your life in 2016?

By giving one of the most powerful gifts that exists in the world today: education. Thankfully, giving education is not as difficult as you may think, and yet, the ripple effect is impossible to quantify. Each new person that has access to education can astronomically change the future of their parents, siblings, neighbors, children, communities, and quite possibly the world. So, today we ask you to start small in your giving, after all we have the whole year ahead of us still. All it takes is a donation of $10 to join the giving movement, and bring education to students in the Philippines.

Today, we challenge you to #Give10forEd by joining The GoAbroad Foundation $10 Challenge >> http://bit.ly/GAF10Challenge