New Partner in Uganda: Pangea Educational Development

Since the GoAbroad Foundation was established, we have worked with organizations in Ecuador, Peru, Nepal, and most often with Volunteer for the Visayans in the Philippines. Recently we decided to branch out and expand our reach to an entirely new continent with a host of needs to be supported, Africa.IMG_9526

The GoAbroad Foundation is happy to announce that we are now partnering with Pangea Educational Development, a U.S. registered nonprofit with projects throughout Uganda. We are so excited to begin supporting their work in Uganda, which is centered in Educational Development through three strategic stages.

Established in 2011, Pangea Educational Development, also known as PED, currently partners with four local schools in Uganda. Through their partnerships they not only help physcially construct and improve local schools, they help build a future for the school and the local community by building financial sustainability and introducing them to resources and training necessary to expand the education they provide to students.

In each phase of the PED Model, the organization welcomes international volunteers to support both the unique requirements and the simple tasks of each stage. From engineers, to teachers, to fresh high school grads, PED welcomes every kind of volunteer at their partner schools in Uganda.

IMG_9676The GoAbroad Foundation is happy to support the Sustainable Mission of PED and we look forward to encouraging not only more financial support of their projects but also more international volunteers to join them in Uganda!

Please Visit our PED Partner Page to learn more about the organization. And Check our our very first project with Pangea Educational Development, the Water Project.

Feel free to Contact Us with Any Questions.