New Partner: Introducing DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage

DAKTARI Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage is one of our new Beneficiary Organization partners based in South Africa, joining us through the Give Together Program. Founded by Ian and Michèle Merrifield 2006 through their shared love of wildlife, DAKTARI protects wildlife while also educating local communities about the exquisite creatures they share their community with.

Children kissing a donkey

How Our Partnership Began

A long time partner of, promoting their volunteer programs in South Africa, we were elated to learn more about their project needs when they reached out to join our program. DAKTARI is our first partner focused on wildlife conservation and education, and we can’t wait to introduce our supporters to their mission and projects.

DAKTARI’s Mission

DAKTARI aims to inspire community development through educational programs targeting local children that can help them understand their environment as well as local wildlife, and create a future generation that values both in their community.

Daktari classroom

What DAKTARI Projects Are in Need of Support?

Our first project fundraiser for DAKTARI is targeting funding for their Environmental Education Program for local children to gain knowledge about environmental issues, interact with and learn more about wildlife, and empower them to become change-makers in their community.

And the Partnership Begins…

We can’t wait to see what our partnership with DAKTARI has in store! Be sure to check out their partner page to find out more about the organization and stay tuned for more blog updates with additional insight on what DAKTARI is all about.