New Partner Announcement: Determined to Develop

Determined to Develop is a grassroots nonprofit organization registered in both the United States and Malawi, with projects based in Malawi that are aimed at reducing extreme poverty. Founded by Matt Maroon, a Dayton University graduate who spent two years volunteering in Malawi from 2006 to 2008, Determined to Develop was built on in-depth communication with local community members to ensure their programs are as effective as possible. Their accomplishments range from building nursery schools and sponsoring hundreds of students educational needs, to establishing women-led businesses and planting over 30,000 trees.

Determined to Develop nursery school students in Malawi

How Our Partnership Began

The GoAbroad Foundation’s Founder Troy embarked on a trip to Malawi to visit our partner, Freshwater Project International, in March 2019, which sparked our interest in exploring more projects in surrounding communities. Prior to his trip, we began scouring the web for other nonprofits worth checking out in Malawi, so he could try to visit a few more potential partners and projects. Although he wasn’t able to extend his trip and visit Determined to Develop in person, we couldn’t miss the chance to connect with them so a few months later we reached out to offer them the opportunity to partner with us. Inspired by their dedication to eliminating extreme poverty in Malawi, we’re excited for them to officially join us as a Beneficiary Organization through our new Give Together Program.

Determined to Develop Mission

Determined to Develop is dedicated to utilizing education as a vehicle for breaking the cycle of extreme poverty in Malawian communities.

Group of Youth in Malawi

What Determined to Develop Projects Are in Need of Support?

Our very first project fundraiser for Determined to Develop is aimed at supporting their School Tuition Sponsorship Program, which targets youth with limited financial means and ensures they have the financial resources and social support needed to succeed in their education. By helping more students complete secondary education, Determined to Develop believes they can reduce poverty in local communities over time.

Let the Partnership Begin to Flourish!

We’re elated to kick off our partnership with Determined to Develop and expand our projects in Malawi! Be sure to check out their partner page to find out more about the organization and stay tuned for more blog updates with additional insight on what Determined to Develop is all about.