New Partner: All Out Africa Foundation

All Out Africa Foundation is yet another one of our brand new Beneficiary Organizations joining the Give Together Program officially at the end of 2019. Based in The Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland), the All Out Africa Foundation is the nonprofit division of All Out Africa that supports vulnerable populations through community development and conservation projects.

Kids in Swaziland

How Our Partnership Began

Through All Out Africa’s long time partnership with, we were introduced to the All Out Africa Foundation’s mission and we were inspired to invite them to become a Beneficiary Organization. All Out Africa Foundation is an exciting addition to our Give Together partners since they’re our first ever partner in The Kingdom of Eswatini.

All Out Africa Foundation’s Mission

All Out Africa Foundation aims to alleviate poverty by creating community development projects and programs that support orphaned and vulnerable children in all aspects of their life, so they can be successful in their education, grow healthy, and break the cycle of poverty.

Children laying on the floor in a circle in Swaziland

What All Out Africa Foundation Projects Are in Need of Support?

Our first project fundraiser for All Out Africa Foundation is aimed at supporting their Food Hamper Program, which provides monthly grocery subsidies to orphaned and vulnerable youth, filling their bellies so they can be more successful in their academic endeavours and grow healthy and strong.

We’ll See Where the Partnership Takes Us!

We’re elated to officially launch our partnership with All Out Africa Foundation and expand our reach to Eswatini. The possible impacts of our partnership are endless! Check out their partner page to begin learning more about their mission.