What’s a Library Without a Librarian?

An Introduction to Na’atik’s Language Library Project

Summertime means summer reading for many students. However, not all students around the globe have the simple pleasure of access to books, and that’s where we come in. We are working with the Na’atik Language and Culture Institute in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, México to help collect funds to take their English language library to the next level. The English language library is a new addition to the community, but they are in immediate need of a librarian to maximize the impact of the facility. What is a library without a librarian?

We are excited to announce and share our Connect #NiñosConLibros Campaign. Let’s work together to bring the local children in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico access to books, and encourage a reading culture for years to come!

Here’s more information on the Na’atik Institute and their English language library project:

What is the mission of Na’atik Language and Culture Institute?

The Na’atk Language and Culture Institute aims to show students’ the world of possibilities that are in their reach. The institute works to help the Mexican-Maya students’ develop the skills and confidence necessary to make future possibilities a reality; bringing vision to actualization.

To live out this mission, Na’atik offers affordable English language classes to local students in the community. Na’atik hosts certified English teachers for year long contracts teaching these local students and facilitating various activities, such as a camp day and field trips, in order to promote language immersion and cultural exchange. This intercultural exchange benefits the local community and the international community. Bringing people together and learning to understand each other is what it’s all about, right?

In order to best serve the students in the community, Na’atik has been building and establishing an English language library that provides students access to books and other language learning materials.

What is the English language Library project all about?

Group of students in classroom
Students from Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Na’atk wanted to build a library to improve education and professional opportunities for the students by giving them access to new ways to practice and reinforce the language skills they are learning in the classroom. Not only that, but with establishing a reading culture and offering education activities that makes learning fun, the students will enjoy learning and it will become a part of their everyday lives.

Na’atik understands the importance of learning a second language for more than just personal reasons, but also professional reasons. A second language, especially that of the global economy, will give students more opportunities later in life.

Since more than 70% of the community that the English language library serves lives in poverty, a second language could be their ticket to break the cycle (read more about the Maya Youth Project that helps give scholarships to the students who can’t afford English lessons). The library itself will serve as a free resource to the community, so the children can be exposed to English at no cost. However, the library cannot reach its full potential without a librarian.

What are the goals of having a Librarian in the library daily?

The intent for the librarian position is to have someone available to run the new English language library and to work the the English teachers in introducing the students to a a reading culture through creative and engaging planned activities and programs.

The librarian will also serve as a guide to improving the students’ reading, research, and study skills. The library will cater to various levels and interests, everything from Goosebumps to Twilight, and will also give the children access to the greatest language learning tool— the internet! The guidance of the librarian is essential to the success of these language tools so that they are able to positively and intentionally impact the community.

The librarian will be there to inspire the students, and to encourage them to embrace learning on their own in a welcoming safe haven where students can escape the stresses of their everyday lives. The library, with the help of the librarian, will open many doors for the children within the community.

Interested in the librarian position, or know someone that would be? Check out the job posting here!

What is our fundraising goal and how can you help?

students holding up books
Excited to start reading their new books!

Our goal is to raise at least $3000 USD that will go directly toward bringing a librarian to Na’atik’s library for the 2018-2019 school year.

Any contribution will help give the children of Felipe Carrillo Puerto the opportunity to learn a new language, embrace a reading culture, and ultimately, open many doors for their futures. Not only will they be more connected in their local communities, they will also be more connected to the world!

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