How to Support Urgent Oxygen Production in Nepal

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Learn What Kaya Responsible Travel is Doing to Supply More Oxygen in Nepal

Kaya Responsible Travel has been working in Nepal for a decade, so they have seen firsthand how the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on communities there. To gain more insight on the work they are doing in Nepal, why oxygen is in high demand, and what can be done to help local communities, we sat down with Julie Graham, Programs Director at Kaya. Read on to find out more about their fundraising efforts and how Kaya is working closely with a local hospital in Nepal to provide urgent assistance. 

Tell us a little bit about Kaya and what Kaya is all about.

Kaya Responsible Travel offers affordable in-person and virtual opportunities (also called remote or online opportunities) with community partners located throughout Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America. Our mission is to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic development, empower communities and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens through responsible travel. 

How is Kaya connected to Nepal and how is your connection making an impact?

Kaya offers educational opportunities for travelers in Nepal. We have been working with one of the rural communities outside of Kathmandu for over a decade. Our placements reach this rural Nepalese community to utilize local resources and provide them with the education and skills that they need to empower themselves and continue their self-sufficiency, especially for those women who have been cast out by society.

What is the situation like in Nepal right now?

The situation remains mostly unchanged. The rate of virus spread is still very high but since Nepal is conducting so few tests the exact rate is unknown. Hospitalizations are way up which indicates the spread may be greater than the limited testing is showing. Hospitals are starting to get full.

How has COVID affected the life of locals in the area?

This week the government initiated an 8 pm curfew for vehicles in an attempt to curb gatherings in restaurants and bars (pubs). Other than that life is going on much as normal other than health officials warn a wave is about to hit.

What is an Oxygen Plant and how can it help the situation?

An oxygen plant makes medical-grade oxygen. Most Covid patients require oxygen and without a plant to make it, hospitals have to get bottled oxygen from a plant that is making it. The prior wave saw huge shortages of oxygen and people were dying in the hospital hallways because they couldn’t get oxygen. Oxygen capacity is improving as more and more hospitals are investing in plants to make their own. 

How will the funds raised through the GoAbroad Foundation be utilized to bring help and assistance to Nepal? 

We have been working with a local hospital there as part of some of our community-based projects including observation of healthcare and learning about the lack of resources in the public hospitals. Helping Hands, a hospital we’ve worked with for many years, wants to also add an oxygen plant so that they don’t face shortages again, which is why we are trying to fundraise for them.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Kaya’s Fundraiser?

With the global health crisis, a significant number of projects we partner with are facing financial and staffing difficulties. Still, they continue to support their local communities. With this fundraiser, we are hoping to help them as well as best as we can.


We’re eager to help Kaya Responsible Travel reach their goals, overcome the challenges brought on by COVID-19, and expand their reach.