It’s a Small World After All

September. The start of a new school year, new ideas, and endless new opportunities. This month we are excited to share our beneficiary of the Take the Pledge initiative,  The Small World organization. The Small World? Our world is huge you’re thinking. But does it really have to be? This non-for-profit charitable organization takes us to Nepal, where we are working hard to empower the local communities through sustainable development projects that improve living conditions and create more self-reliance.

Children at The Small World Wall of Hope

What is The Small World all about?

The Small World provides Nepali children, mostly young “at-risk” girls, and women, with the necessities to live a life of empowerment and education. In the words of Co-Founder, Karma Sherpa, “if you educate a girl, you educate the world!” Which is exactly right! Benefiting over 2,050 children annually and increasing in enrollment each year, as well as 180 Women excelling from adult literacy classes since 2009, this organization, as well as everyone intermingled with it, is on the road to success.

In developing countries, such as Nepal, many problems are centered around girls and youth not being properly educated. In a 2015 study, it was found that only around 55% of the country was educated. Luckily, The Small World is pushing to put an end to illiteracy. Since 2013, 30 girls have been educated in the organization’s Himalayan Hope Home, and an additional 100 children have been educated while living with their family.

Since 2015, when the devastating earthquake struck and so many Nepali people were affected, The Small World has provided 45 homes and 450 toilets benefiting 2,475 people. Additionally, 59 classrooms have been built and they’ve helped more than 150 women to be trained in livelihood skills, such as tailoring and traditional weaving.

Four Nepoli girls sharing laughs as they head to school

How we can all make the world a little smaller

We may live in a world that is huge in comparison to ourselves, however, if we work together, we CAN live in the small world we envision.

With your help and even the smallest donation, we can create a better life for the Nepali people, giving them access to books, stationery items, uniforms, and help more students pay their tuition fees. Hand-in-hand we can break down the barriers of poverty, inequality of gender, cultures, and economic class, to create a strong future for Nepal and ultimately impact the global community.

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