Impactful Generosity: A Sponsor Testimonial

Making the decision to sponsor a child is making the decision to build a future for a child you have never met. It is a selfless act, and one that not only changes the lives of each child, but also their family, and consequently, the sponsors themselves.

Child sponsorship programs are common across the developing world, but what makes them so impactful? Read on to find out how some of our very own sponsors feel about sponsoring a child.


IMG_2691My family has been sponsoring Glaiza, a young girl from the village of Cangumbang, for over two years. Although the upfront cost of sponsorship may seem large, we have found that our small sacrifice is nothing compared to the benefits that Glaiza receives.

Interacting with Glaiza and her family has been our favorite part of the sponsorship program. When GoAbroad Foundation Staff members share pictures of the village, we eagerly seek out Glaiza’s smiling face, and hearing of how well she is doing in school makes us proud.

Living in the U.S., it’s easy to become focused on material things, always seeking the next bigger and better product. Being a part of Glaiza’s life keeps us centered on the things that truly matter, and as our lives continue to intertwine, we only hope that we’ll one day be able to meet!

~Ben & Sarah Rambadt, USA, Sponsors Since 2013

20150405_easterAlong with their regular commitment to the child sponsorship progarm, Ben and Sarah have also gone above and beyond, by providing financial assistance to help their child’s mother safely give birth to twin girls in 2013, among other things. In honor of their generosity and kindness, Glaiza’s mother named one of the girls after Sarah, who is a happy, healthy, almost-2 year old.

Ben and Sarah have provided support in numerous other ways to their sponsor child and her family, from sending Christmas gifts to contributing funds to buy additional groceries for the family to helping the family rebuild their lives after Typhoon Haiyan. By building a real relationship with their sponsor child and her family, Ben and Sarah have formed a unique bond that has impacted not only their own lives but the lives of their sponsor child and her family. To honor their incredible commitment to their sponsor child, we have decided to name them the GoAbroad Foundation Philanthropists of the Month for July. Ben and Sarah are the perfect example of how life changing sponsorship can be, and they have truly began to build a future for their sponsor child, and her family.

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