Hot Lunch Feeding Program FAQs

(Hot) Lunch is Served at Nalusse Success Primary School!

We’ve teamed up with The Real Uganda to raise funds so they can continue their Hot Lunch Feeding Program at Nalusse Success Primary School in Mukono Town, Uganda. Here’s everything you need to know about the program, and its impact:

What is the Hot Lunch Project?

Since February 2008, The Real Uganda has provided lunch (and a hot one at that) for around 140 students and 11 teachers at Nalusse Success Primary School. The school is located in a semi-urban slum in Mukono Town, Uganda, and it is run by Nansubuga Josephine, who is a former Uganda Ministry of Education employee and retired educator. The program is impressive, to say the least!

What is the Importance of the Lunch for Nalusse Success Primary School?

Many of its students come from single-parent homes. In fact, you’ll find many of the students selling fruit and other snacks in the evenings in order to contribute to their household incomes.  Nalusse’s school fees are kept far below market standards to serve local families who struggle to afford education for their children. To take things one step further, the school also allows parents to spread payments out throughout the year as needed, so no child is left behind if their parents don’t have the money upfront.

Due to their families financial struggles, having a hot lunch daily is extremely important to these kids. In fact, many students choose Nalusse Success because of the hot lunch program. Many of Nalusse Success’ students come to school without breakfast, making it difficult for them to focus on their studies. The school realized the need for the feeding program by lunch time, as many of the students could no longer endure the distraction of their grumbling tummies, and many would only come for half the day because of it.

All students are now being served a maize meal (posho) with beans, and a periodic side of cabbage for lunch at the school daily. As a result of the hot lunch program, students are now more energetic and able to learn better each day.

What are the Outcomes of the Hot Lunch Feeding Program?

This program is contributing to each student’s personal well-being and the development of Uganda in the long run as these children build their futures through education! To put it quite bluntly, the lunch program helps pave the way towards success for so many local children, as well as their families.

How Can You Help the Program Continue?

It costs a significant amount of money for the school to supply the daily lunch to over 140 students daily, and their families cannot afford to contribute toward it via their school fees. These funds are money the school simply does not have to spare with their already limited resources, despite doing their best to supplement the feeding by maintaining a small garden.

With your help, we can provide the basic funding needed to keep the Hot Lunch Feeding program going. Let’s come together this Valentine’s Day (and for the many days to come), and not only give love – but also a helping hand!  

Join us by Donating to the Nalusse Success Primary School Hot Lunch Feeding Program now!