How to Help Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Although media coverage of Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in Haiti, the Caribbean, and the Southern United States has already begun to slowly fade away, survivors are desperately calling out for our help and support. Their homes have been destroyed, local infrastructure has been damaged, and many lives were lost, most prominently in Haiti, where the death toll is believed to exceed 900. In fact, the UN has said that over 1.4 million Haitians have been affected by Hurricane Matthew. But it is not only this most recent disaster that plagues many already poverty-stricken communities in Haiti. Though the earthquake struck Haiti more than 5 years ago, numerous families remained in temporary shelters with limited resources before Hurricane Matthew struck, so many of these vulnerable communities were literally wiped away by the storm’s winds, flooding, and destructive nature.

Photo Credit: CNN
Photo Credit: CNN

To help Haiti begin to sustainably and effectively rebuild from both natural disasters, we invite you to consider donating and supporting the relief efforts of one of the following local organizations; each one has its own mission to rebuild communities affected, and each could use a little help from our international supporters.

Be Like Brit Foundation

The Be Like Brit Foundation was established in memory of Britney Gengel, an American college student who was tragically killed during the 2010 earthquake while volunteering in Haiti. The organization’s orphanage, which was built to withstand all types of natural disasters, thankfully escaped Hurricane Matthew with only minimal damage, while serving as a safe haven for numerous community members. In the wake of the storm, The Be Like Brit Foundation team is already on the ground rebuilding homes for families in the surrounding community. Learn more about their experiences during the hurricane and their plans for relief here.

Helping Hands & Beyond

Though Helping Hands & Beyond had a mission trip to Haiti scheduled long before Hurricane Matthew, it was canceled due to limited volunteer sign ups. In the wake of the storm, they have not only decided to move forward with the mission, they now have a growing number of volunteers and relief supplies flowing into help Haitians rebuild their lives. Find out how you can support survivors alongside Helping Hands & Beyond now.

Children in Haiti putting their hands together

World Wide Village

With a strong mission to help Haitians recover from Hurricane Matthew, set on a foundation of more than 15 years of nonprofit work in Haiti, World Wide Village has confidently set a goal of raising $19,999 USD to support relief and reconstruction efforts. Listen to their President’s challenge and learn more about how World Wide Village plans to help Haiti.

Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis

Though their own facility escaped damage during Hurricane Matthew, the need for medical attention and health care services has grown exponentially throughout the country. With increased concern of disease outbreak, there is no doubt that their facility will need international support to attend to increasing local medical needs. Visit the Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis website to learn how you can get involved.

Devoted to Children Foundation

If your heart is drawn to help children affected by Hurricane Matthew, consider volunteering with the Devoted to Children Foundation. Along with re-establishing their normal programs for children, they are now faced with damaged roads, the reconstruction of the local school, and many other issues in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Learn more about the Devoted to Children Foundation and how you can join their efforts here.

Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Times
Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Times

Midwives for Haiti

If you are an experienced midwife, you could help provide life-saving prenatal, delivery, and after birth care for mothers and babies in Haiti, who now more than ever desperately need your support. Consider volunteering with Midwives for Haiti and you can help ensure the safe delivery of the next generation of Haitians in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

If you’d prefer to make a donation to the GoAbroad Foundation directly, we will be selecting one of the organizations above to donate all Hurricane Matthew relief donations to. Feel free to make a donation for hurricane relief here.