The Real Uganda: Grace Daycare and Primary School Project

Our partners at The Real Uganda are super excited to report that their latest project is complete! The library and girls’ dormitory at Grace Daycare and Primary School are now fully in use. The staff and students at Grace couldn’t be more pleased.

Grace Daycare and Primary School is a humble day and boarding school, located near Nakifuma, Mukono District, Uganda. 230 kids, aged 3 to 15 attend daily. There are typically between 15 and 24 kids who live at school. These “boarders” are kids coming from families experiencing difficulty caring for their children. Grace Primary provides education, accommodation, and meals for free (or at a greatly reduced cost) giving families a little breathing room to solve their problems.

The Real Uganda has been placing volunteers with this school since 2007. Volunteers typically help out in the school garden, with general chores like washing clothes and fetching water, in the nursery and primary classrooms, and with meal preparation and service.

It’s a lovely place to spend some time. It’s always filled with love, smiles, and positive spirit.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a former volunteer, Jennifer Marshall, reached out with funds to build a new staff and student house, a dream come true for Liz Mukiibi, Head Master and owner of the school. Before the new house, they were sleeping in dark, cramped quarters, sometimes 2 kids to a bed, with no indoor common space. Meals were taken outside, seated on the concrete veranda. During the rainy season, kids often found themselves eating meals in their bedrooms.

Construction of their amazing new home took a little over a year. Finishing touches are the focus now. Liz’s main objectives for 2022 were a school library and furniture for the house. The Real Uganda got to work.

Mobilizing funds from GoAbroad Foundation, Luena Foundation (a GoAbroad hook-up!), and Hopeline Germany (a non-profit run by a former volunteer), we were able to add to the magic of their new home.


  • English, Math, Science, and Social Studies textbooks, various readers, and other resource materials covering Nursery, and Primary Classes 1 through 7. We purchased between 4 and 8 copies of each book.
  • Built-in shelving for the books covering a major feature wall of the staff/student home.
  • 2 tables and 8 chairs so those books can be used, not just in school, but at home.


  • 6 double decker bunk beds
  • 12 mattresses
  • 24 sets of bed sheets
  • 12 blankets

Everyone is so happy and grateful to be able to learn independently, relax at home with some reading, and sit at a real table while doing homework and during meals. Sleeping in well-constructed new beds with new mattresses and bedding has made the girls feel so special! It contributes to the girls’ overall well-being and may also up their game in the classroom.

What’s next for Grace Primary?

You guessed! Outfitting the boys’ dormitory!!

Donate now and watch this space develop!

Sending love from Uganda, til next time.