#GivingTuesday: Give a Gift That Lasts



When Thanksgiving Day is over and your stomach is officially full, don’t set your eyes on all those Black Friday Sales just yet! Consider how you can Give a Gift That Lasts, by joining the Giving Tuesday movement:

a global day of giving to unite the world through charitable contributions.

The Gift of Knowledge

This year, we invite you to #GiveEducation. A gift that can change the life of a student forever, as well as the lives of their family members, and even their community. By providing financial support to one of our many college scholars, you can change the course of their future and help them earn the ability to build a better future for their families too.

Learn More About our Scholarship Fund

We’ve have good news: Financial Support isn’t the only way to #GiveEducation – anyone can find a way to support projects abroad!

Here are 3 other ways you can support our mission!

1. Share our Campaign with friends and family or on Social Media >> http://bit.ly/GAF10Challenge

2. Turn the holidays into a way for your friends and family to #GiveBack in your honor: Remember that Christmas List you were thinking about making after Thanksgiving was over, consider adding a sponsorship of a College Scholar to that list! Is your birthday coming up? That works too!

3. Shop on AmazonSmile: Okay, we understand. It is hard to pass up all the DEALS! Make your shopping worth it by shopping through AmazonSmile, which donates to your charity of choice every time you shop, at no cost to you! Just be sure to register the GoAbroad Foundation as your charity.

 Learn about even more ways you can make an impact abroad.