GoAbroad Foundation Warning Against Fraudulent Accounts

It has come to our attention that individuals are using the GoAbroad Foundation name and logo to create a fraudulent and fake social media account to message GoAbroad Foundation Supporters.  

Please watch out for:

  1. Any messages that DO NOT come from @GoAbroadFoundation or @GA_Foundation 
  2.  Any messages that come from GoAbroad_Foundation_ or something similar. 
  3.  If you receive a message from a variant of The GoAbroad Foundation’s name.
  4. Any message that resembles this:

We encourage everyone to be wary of any fraudulent messages, offers, requests, or similar on the internet. Please do not hesitate to contact the GoAbroad Foundation at foundation@goabroad.com to verify any communication or materials from the GoAbroad Foundation. Please also report any suspected fraud or scams to us immediately. Thank you.

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