Day 8: One Year After Yolanda

12 Months have passed since Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) ravaged through the Philippines, devasting numerous towns and villages, leaving millions homeless, and taking the lives of thousands of Filipinos.


Each day after Typhoon Yolanda seemed like a month for survivors, filled with constant battles, searching for loved ones, and savanging for food and water. Each day seemed to have no end.

Though one year has passed, the wrath of Typhoon Yolanda has by no means come to an end. The memories, experiences, and difficulties surrounding the largest storm in history, will live on for generations.

GAF Founder visiting the kids in a rural village

Throughout the past 12 months the GoAbroad Foundation has been on the ground in the Philippines and across the world. Searching for employees, staff, sponsored children, friends, and family. Supplying relief goods. Providing medical supplies. Fundraising. Transporting the injured. Assisting International Media. Pleading for International Aid. Rebuilding Homes. Hosting Charity Events. Coordinating with International NGOs. Advocating for Survivors Needs. Repairing Community Centers. Sharing the Stories of Survivors.

To say we have been intimately involved in Relief Efforts Post-Typhoon Yolanda would be an understatement. Our Founder and Director are survivors themselves and were on the ground for weeks following the Typhoon assisting local communities and helping our local partner, Volunteer for the Visayans, get back on their feet.

In order to commemorate the one year Anniversary of Super Typhoon Yolanda we would like to share just a handful of the Major Accomplishments in Recovery since the largest storm in history changed millions of lives forever. Through the generous support and financial contributions of hundreds of individuals, families, and organizations around the world, the GoAbroad Foundation has been able to:

  • Distribute hundreds of relief goods to families in desperate need of food, water, and medicine
  • Assist in fundraising for the repairs and improvement of two local community centers.
  • Provide over 300 families with essential household goods
  • Secure more than 20 sponsors for VFV’s Child Sponsorship program, so 20 more children could begin receiving benefits from the program
  • Helped provider more than 40 families with cash assistance to rebuild their homes
  • Located sponsors to support six students from low-income families to begin or continue their university studies
  • Obtained Funding and Implemented a weekend feeding program, supplying meals for 100 children at-risk of malnutrition every weekend since December 2013
Elsa with Kids from the Weekend Feeding Program
Elsa with Kids from the Weekend Feeding Program

As the One Year Anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda passes, or drive to support survivors and rebuild communities affected by the storm is only strengthened. Although a great deal of progress has been accomplished through the support of international donors, NGOs, and various local projects, the lives of millions of people remain immensely affected by Yolanda daily.

Our focus now turns to providing Educational Support for students who are devoted to pursuing higher education and help provide Monthly Rice Subsidies for families whose livelihoods are still minimal. We are determined to look forward with hope, as we continue to confront the enormous road to recovery which lies ahead of local communities.

To learn more about our continued relief efforts, check out our Typhoon Recovery page.