Day 26: The Power of Minutes

In less than 500 minutes, the lives of millions of people were changed forever. Minutes altered the landscape of the mountains. Minutes made the sea into a monster. Each minute a child lost a parent and a parent lost a child. Each minute someone lost the love of their lives.  In mere minutes, millions of people lost their homes and all sense of normalcy.


During Typhon Yolanda, millions of people fought for theirs lives, many against all odds. And since Typhoon Yolanda, those same people have continued fighting for their lives. They have fought to create a new future. They have fought to maintain hope. They have fought to rebuild their lives.

Photo Credit: Ardie Lopez
Photo Credit: Ardie Lopez

This video below was created by GAPLabs, Inc, the Asia Office of The goal of the video was to illustrate “A Year in One Minute”. This video represents the unfortunate truth, the experiences and aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda are still apparent in the daily life of every survivor. Even though it has been 1 year since Typhoon Yolanda made landfall in the Philippines, the challenge to survive each minute remains.

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