After working as an educator for nearly 40 years, Catherine Thomasma will be retiring this coming June 2018. She is not one for grand parties, compliments, or drawing attention to herself, so instead of celebrating her retirement with these usual traditions, we’re honored to have the opportunity do something she’ll appreciate even more. Over the last few months, we have been secretly fundraising to establish a scholarship dedicated to Cathie. Considering the hundreds of children she has helped educate over the past few decades, we consider this the least we can do to thank her for all her hard work, kindness, and contributions to the lives of so many children.

All funds raised in honor of Cathie’s career as a teacher will be pooled and donated to reputable nonprofit organizations helping students from disadvantaged families in communities around the world who need financial support to complete their studies, all the way from the Philippines to Uganda. The GoAbroad Foundation has built numerous partnerships with established nonprofits around the world, and we will use these connections along with Cathie’s suggestions to select the most meaningful way to dedicate her scholarship fund.

We were elated to unveil the Catherine Thomasma Scholarship Fund to Cathie at the SEA Retirement dinner on June 6th, in Sturgis, Michigan. She was completely shocked and surprised, and we couldn’t have been more excited for her! We’ll continue accepting donations to the Catherine Thomasma Scholarship year round, and provide blog and newsletter updates along the way. To be sure you stay updated, join our Facebook Group.

Help us Honor Cathie!

 To make a donation via check:

  1. Print & fill out our Donation Form
  2. Write a check made payable to “The GoAbroad Foundation”
  3. Insert “Catherine Thomasma Scholarship Fund” in the Notes section
  4. Mail the check to:
    GoAbroad Foundation
    500 Broadview Dr
    Severance, CO 80550
  5. Once received, we will send you your tax receipt.

If you have any questions about the Catherine Thomasma Scholarship Fund or the GoAbroad Foundation’s work, please contact our director (and Cathie’s daughter) Elsa Thomasma-Alingasa at

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