Building a Library for St. James Elementary School

Our first fundraiser of 2017 has officially begun! We’re excited to share more details about the Library Project in Uganda, in partnership with Pangea Educational Development (PED). Read on to learn all about our partnership, the Library Project, and how you can get involved!

**UPDATE: As of July 5th, 2017, we hit our target $2500 for St. James’ Library. However, the more donations we collect, the more resources the library will have, so don’t stop giving!

PED + The GoAbroad Foundation

In 2014, the GoAbroad Foundation established our first formal partnership with Pangea Educational Development. We were inspired by their 3-step model to build schools literally from the ground up, while also providing essential teacher training, educational tools, and finally, a sustainable plan to ensure the school had the financial resources necessary to function and flourish year after year.

St. James School Uganda
A glimpse of St. James during the Water Project Construction

Our partnership began with a fundraiser to support a clean water project at St. James Elementary School, which was aimed at creating a clean water supply for the entire community while also providing a steady income for the school. The project was an enormous success and since then, we’ve been waiting for another opportunity to work with Pangea Educational Development (PED), and now we’ve found it!

St. James Primary School

Since PED began supporting St. James Primary School in 2011, the school’s enrollment has tripled! They’ve worked to construct better classrooms for the school, provide training and professional development for the teachers, welcomed volunteers to build the skills of both teachers and students, and with our help, successfully created the school’s first income generating project — the Clean Water Project.

Students at St. James in Uganda
St. James’ students working on an assignment

But now, with more children eager to attend St. James than ever, the school is in need of even more financial resources. And more importantly, the students need more learning opportunities!

Basic Details About St. James Primary School:

  • Current Enrollment: 186
  • Total Number of Staff: 9

Building a Library in Uganda with PED

The mission of our Library Project at St. James Prmary School is to build a new and improved library, in order to convert the existing library into an income-generating nursery for the community.

Old bookshelf
A peek at the current library at St. James

Building a library is not a short-term impact project, and books are not a one-time use donation. For years to come, teachers and students at St. James, and community members in the surrounding area, will benefit from the library itself and the learning potential within its walls. The school will continue to improve, teachers will continue to have more resources, students will continue to grow, and the library will continue to make an impact on future generations.

Our Commitment to St. James

Our goal was to raise $2500 USD to support the construction of a new library at St. James Elementary School, and we did! However, the more donations we collect, the more resources the library will have, so don’t stop giving!

Make your donation now to impact literacy at St. James.